Refund Policy

Under EU refund legislation all individual buyers of the safer food groups course access service are entitled to a full refund of the entire cost of the service within 7 days of purchase, the purchase timescale is based on the date and time our worldpay account registers the buyers payment. Any course completed within the 7 days will not be liable for a refund due to the cost incurred by ourselves and the buyers choice to complete the exam. All refund requests must be via the phone, no refund transaction request will be entered into via email or any other means of communication.

To gain your full refund we will need your full registration details to allow removal of your course access code and halt all access to our online system, once this has taken place you will receive a full refund within 6 working days of full registration removal. Any attempt to copy or use the course materials after a transaction has been cancelled and refunded will be classed as a breach of copyright and will be dealt with in a court of law.

Our refund terms are only relevant to individuals purchasing our course access service and do not apply to businesses entering into multiple purchases. Any business purchase undertaken will need to view our full terms and condition document.

Please contact us on Freephone 0800 612 6784 for any further information regarding refunds or transaction issues.

Feel we could do better?

We are always happy to hear what you think of our service and our courses as we can always learn from anything we get wrong and improve our service and products going forward, feel free to call the team anytime or us our contact us page to let us know your view.